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How do I rent props from State Supply?

  1. Search our website for the props and set dressing you are interested in for your production.

  2. Create an account and add the items to your set list.

  3. Submit your list and images to us for price quotes and item availability.

We are continually updating our selection of props and set dressing. Please contact us if you cannot find an item or have any questions.

How can I open a COD account with State Supply?

Please apply online using our C.O.D. account application form.

Fill out and download our COD credit card form and email to or to your customer service representative.

A security deposit is required with all C.O.D orders.

How can I open a Net 30 account with State Supply?

Please apply online using our Net 30 account application form.

Net 30 accounts are available for TV and Film productions. Purchase orders will be used with Net 30 open accounts.

A security deposit is required with all net 30 accounts.

Be sure to include your production company's one-sheet form.

How long can I rent your props?

All props are rented on a seven day basis beginning on the day of pick-up and ending on the seventh day. After the seventh day, we allow one “grace” day (eighth day) to return the props.

If the props are not returned by 5pm on the “grace” day, a rental charge for an additional week will be incurred. The extended rental charge is 50% of the 1st week's rental.

Can you give me an example of a seven day rental and additional charges?

Pick-up on Wednesday and return on Tuesday is seven days.
There is no additional charge.

Pick-up on Wednesday and return on Wednesday, the eighth/grace day.
There is no additional charge.

Pick-up on Wednesday and return on Thursday or later.
There will be an additional charge.

Do you provide extended rental discounts?

Yes. Please let us know which props you love and would like to rent on an extended basis.

Extended rental discounts will be applied as follows:

1st week: Full rate
2nd week: 50%
3rd week: 50%
4th week: 50%
5th week and on: 50%

Please contact us concerning pricing for extended rentals and run of show (ROS) rentals.

What are State Supply's business hours?

We are open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm for pick-ups, drop-offs and in person visits.

Our web store is open 24/7.

All after hour web store inquiries will be reviewed on the next business day.

Can I select my props in person?

Yes, you can visit our warehouse to select your props, take pictures and place your order with a customer service representative.

I would like to put some items on hold until they are approved. Can I do that?

Of course. But we ask that you hold only items that you feel will be in your top choices. We may call and ask you to release or confirm your holds if there are other customers that are interested in the same items.

When can I send my truck for Pick Up?

State Supply will have your order ready at the agreed upon time. Please email or call to confirm your order. Rental and security deposit transactions must be completed before you can pick-up your order.

If you are having delays in your pick-up schedule, please don't hesitate to call and let us know when we may expect you.

Can I arrange for State Supply to deliver and pick-up my order?

Sorry. We do not deliver or pick-up orders.

May I paint or modify your props?

Props and set dressing generally may not be altered, stained, or painted. Any modifications must be pre-approved by your customer service representative.

May I return my props and set dressing order early?

You may return any props and dressing that your production is finished using. Please notify us if you plan on returning your extended rentals before your due date.

Where is State Supply registered?

State Supply is registered in New York and New Jersey.

Please ask your customer service representative for documentation.

Can I rent props for my Student Film?

Of course! We really love student films. Please provide your student ID to receive your State Supply student discount.

Is there a minimum rental price? I only need to rent a few key props.

Our minimum rental price is $60.

What if I lose or damage an item?

Please contact us if any item becomes lost or damaged. We will let you know the repair or replacement cost.

What if I have to cancel my order?

If an order is canceled after it has been processed and packed, a restocking /handling fee will be assessed for those items.

Are your items cleared?

Some of our items have been cleared. Please ask your customer service representative about the specific props that you are interested in.

How do I close my account?

Please have a member of your production team contact us to make sure all of your invoices have been paid in full, all merchandise has been returned and that there is nothing outstanding, lost, or damaged. We will then arrange to have your security deposit returned to you.

Additional Questions?

Just give us a call at (917) 645-5070 or contact us.